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    • My CBD blends tend to last me roughly 3.5 weeks on average. How often do you find yourself replacing your CBD? If it's too often, you might need to consider increasing your CBD per dose to reduce your oil consumption!
    • Personally, I am a fan of the pinene group of terpenes. I like how they are able to assist with my breathing and energy as well!  What are some of your favorite terpenes and why?
    • Are You Mixing CBD With Your Medications? Are you using full spectrum or isolate hemp extracts and using them within the same time frame as a medication? If so, which medicines are you mixing it with and what do you notice with and without the additional CBD? For myself, I use albuterol inhalers. When using my personalized cbd blend, the terpene content tends to assist the steroid provided by the albuterol inhaler. I don't notice any jittery feelings or anything like that.  Now I would like to mention that albuterol inhalers are not interactive with cytochrome p450, which is why I felt fine mixing these two things. And just because albuterol doesn't directly interact with CP450, doesn't mean there isn't risk with mixing medications with your albuterol. If you take albuterol, be sure to reference this guide: Albuterol Inhalation Interactions with Other Medications To understand more about mixing medications with your CBD, and knowing weather or not it may be safe, be sure to check out our article: "CBD and Drug Interactions"  
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