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Joseph Edwards

Heartland CBD - Official Welcome Guide

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Heartland CBD - Official Welcome Guide

The Official Guide to Heartland CBDs New Online Experience
VOL. 1

Read the U.S. Veteran's Welcome Guide (** US VETERANS CBD DISCOUNT **)


Welcome to Heartland CBD's brand new system. In older systems, Heartland ran slow, and was difficult to shop on for many of our customers. Our new platform is quick, mobile friendly, intuitive, and rich in features. In this guide, you will get to explore each of these.

Logging In - Returning Customers

On April 19th, 2019, Heartland CBD underwent it's primary revisions and the system was migrated over to a brand new platform along with anyone who was a US Veteran that signed up, or if you made a purchase. 

Navigate to the upper right hand corner of the website, and click on the Existing User? Sign In drop-down menu option.

Heartland CBD Existing User Sign In.png

Enter your detailsWe advise using your e-mail address to sign in successfully. Your username may or may not be the same as it was.


Heartland CBD Existing User Sign In 2.png


Are you having trouble signing in? Follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Existing User? Sign In drop-down menu
  2. Click on "Forgot your password?"
  3. Provide your e-mail address & Follow the instructions. 

Still need help signing in? You may not have an account with us, or your details did not transfer over correctly. Choose the Sign Up option and fill out the form completely.


Heartland CBD Existing User Sign Up.png

Heartland CBD Existing User Sign Up 2.png

If you are not able to successfully reset your password OR sign up because your account exists in our system, please contact our administrative staff. There are no records of this happening as of yet, but these upgrades come with precautions.

Customer Care Emergency Technical Support Telephone Number: +1-727-244-2153  

You will be contacting myself directly, and I will answer the phone as I do my normal line. Please just inform me that you are calling for technical support for Heartland CBD. 


Updates coming still. Each section is being written and released. A PDF Download will become available later for a more visually pleasing guide, as well as videos.

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