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Joseph Edwards

[OPEN] Heartland CBD™ - The Community Forums Guide

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Welcome to the Public Community

The community message boards are a powerful way for us all to stay connected, learn more about one another and our industry, and a way for us to provide a stronger point of communication from ourselves to the public, preserving company transparency. 

We value our customers and our guests very highly, and encourage you all to engage in discussions regarding the hemp and cannabis industry. From laws and regulations all the way to experiences and ways to improve our company.

Heartland CBD invites you to sign up, whether you are a customer, a CBD user, an industry insider, or someone who has never even heard more than the acronym "CBD". 

We want to open discussions with everyone and provide everyone with an opportunity to speak freely without social media outlets clouding your view of us, nor our view of you.

Tools You Have Available To You & What They Do - Community Message Boards

  • Forums
    • This place is called a forum, this "post" your reading is the starting post of what is called a "Topic" or "Thread"
  • Topics / Threads
    • This "topic" is called "Heartland CBD™ - A Guide to Using Our Forums"
    • You can create your own topics when you are a registered member
  • Posts
    • This first post is considered the topic post. This is what the entire discussion of the "topic" will be centered around.
    • The next post is simply a post, or a reply to a topic.
    • You can quote posts of specific and multiple users to help organize your discussion or clarify to what you are responding too.
    • You have a text editor similar to Word. It's easy to use, and you can use it to organize or highlight points of your post.
  • Private Messages
    • As a member you have a private message inbox here. Think of this as the forum's personal and private "email" system. 
    • Private messages are a great way to communicate privately with staff members
    • Private messages are a great way to communicate with another member if you feel that what you are wanting to say to them is best left in private, outside of the topic.
    • You can have a private message discussion between yourself and up to 5 people.
  • Signatures
    • Your profile has what is called a "signature" field. This is displayed at the bottom of every post and private message.
    • The signature spot is ideal for 
      • Displaying your name or business
      • Graphic art is allowed (400 w x 200 h  in pixels) 
        • No nudity, profanity, drugs, violence, racism, hate, bigotry, or what may be considered offensive to the public. 
        • Keep your art PG
      • Keep your signature free of redirect links
      • Keep your signature something appropriate. If you were to walk into a public space, and you wanted to present yourself every time someone looked at you, your signature is your outfit. Wear your best. 
  • Avatars
    • The picture that is on the side of every post is called an Avatar. You may upload a picture of your own and display an avatar.
      • Avatars must be PG 
      • No nudity, profanity, drugs, violence, racism, hate, bigotry, or what may be considered offensive to the public. 
  • Referral System ($$$)
    • When you refer a friend with your personal referral URL (located in your profile), anyone who signs up with your link and makes a purchase, will earn you a 10% commission, just for sharing Heartland CBD with your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers. 
      • Commission is 10% of the entire order value. For example, if TOM refers his friend SIDNEY to Heartland CBD with his unique referral URL, and SIDNEY creates her account and makes a purchase at the value of $100.00 and the payment is processed and completed, TOM will receive +$10.00 credited to his Heartland CBD™ account.
      • TOM can purchase products with the $10.00 he acquired from SALLY's referral commission as applied credit, otherwise TOM can request a payout to his PayPal™ account.



You may post here to test, ask questions about the community, and more. 

The more you ask, the more I will add to the guide! It helps us all to help each other!

I look forward to meeting all of you!

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