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Joseph Edwards

Publishing Opportunity - EBSCO - Heartland CBD™

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Heartland CBD™ - Publishing Opportunity for Guest Posters and Guest Bloggers

Your posts are important, and because you are providing value with your well written content, we are able to provide you with value, by offering the opportunity to have your article or post featured in our International Associates of Business Scholars peer reviewed journal.

Your posts are always reviewed before being approved for the public, and our staff may or may not make adjustments to your content to ensure that it meets quality standards.

Reply's to topics at this time are not currently considered for publication. 


ISSN 2572-6706 (Print)
ISSN 2572-6714 (Online)


If your post has been chosen for publication you will be contacted by private message (also e-mail) to submit your authorization for IABS to publish your content in it's twice yearly release. 

This is perfect for authors and content writers to have for their resume, and perfect for students too! 


To qualify for publication, you only need to do the following:

  1. Create your account for Heartland CBD
  2. Create a topic 
    1. Topic must relate to economics, business, marketing, strategy, or provide some sort of business insight or knowledge that can be learned from
    2. Topic must be well written and organized

If your content is selected for publication, you will then be contacted and provided with further instruction. 


Happy posting!

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